Tuesday, 28 March 2017 20:09

Styles of practice in East Asian Medicine: importance for practice and research - Volker Scheid

Over the last 20 years Volker has spent much time trying to find frameworks for understanding East Asian medicines in a manner that does not impose on them our modern needs and our ways of imagining the world, yet allowing for comparison and critique. He believes that such frameworks are essential not merely for historians but also for practitioners seeking to develop their tradition unfettered from the dominance of modern Western concepts. These concepts are not restricted to biomedical science but also include apparent alternatives, such as holism, systems thinking, and the dream of a pure tradition located in the ‘classics' to which we can return.
In his presentation, Volker will argue that in order to accomplish these goals, we might think of medical practice as primarily a problem solving activity. Developing different styles is one way in which East Asian medicines have tried to resolve the problems of medical practice that have confronted them at different historical moments. Understanding these interconnections can help us to develop the potential of East Asian medicines in relation to our own practices and also has important implications for clinical research.