Tuesday, 28 March 2017 20:08

Development and implementation of Korean Medicine Clinical Practice Guidelines for Frequent Diseases - Myeong Soo Lee

This presentation reports on a study to develop and implement evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for the treatment of frequently diagnosed diseases in the field of traditional Korean medicine. Standard reporting guidance was developed in the form of a checklist and description of items and examples. This included 5 items and 40 sub-items and was designed to improve the reporting of CPGs in traditional medicine, thereby facilitating their interpretation and replication.
Clinical practice guidelines for traditional Korean medicine have been developed for seven disease entities: facial palsy, herniation of the lumbar vertebra, atopic dermatitis, ankle sprain, shoulder-arm pain, obesity and depression. Randomized clinical studies were then conducted to evaluate the applicability of these guidelines, by comparing treatment outcomes from practitioner groups who were given the CPG information in a leaflet against those who were not given this information.

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