Saturday, 06 March 2010 00:00

The 12th Acupuncture Research Symposium - Saturday 6th March 2010

Is Our Evidence Good Enough?    


Acuperceptions project: using qualitative methods to understand acupuncture practice
Abstract - Talk references - PowerPoint presentation
Claire Cassidy (USA)

Eating disorders and traditional chinese medicine
PowerPoint presentation
Sarah Fogarty (AUS)

Acupuncture and Schizophrenia Choices for collecting evidence: Limitations and Significance
PowerPoint presentation
Patricia Ronan and Dominic Harbinson

Systematic reviews and their contribution to knowledge
Abstract - PowerPoint presentation
Morag Heirs

Problematic Standards: Comparing TCM Textbook Descriptions of Menopausal Syndrome with the Lived Experience of London Women at Midlife and the Implications for Chinese Medicine Research
The Treatment of Menopausal Symptoms by Traditional East Asian Medicines: Review and Perspectives
Volker Scheid

The long road to influencing evidence-based NHS decision making; the NICE low back pain story
PowerPoint presentation
Kate Thomas

Dr Charlotte Paterson

Sylvia Schroer

What are the perceptions of traditional acupuncture in secondary care? How can the profile of it be raised?
Mita Mistry


Can acupuncture regulate the sleep/wake cycle via an effect on the melatonergic system?
Bea Masters

Traditional acupuncture improves wellbeing in cancer survivors with lymphoedema
Poster and Handout
Beverley de Valois

Why don't people elect to undertake acupuncture as a treatment?
Leanne Langlois

Physiotherapists' experience and attitudes towards the use of acupuncture as a treatment modality
Sarah Rehman

Mapping physiotherapist use of acupuncture treatment of adults with cystic fibrosis
Vicky Carrolan

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