Tuesday, 04 June 2013 08:03

Posters 2013

Richard Bertschinger
Textual research on intent in acupuncture and moxibustion: the great compendium (1601)

Ann Bradford
A pilot study to investigate the impact of auricular acupuncture on appetite

Jonny Bruce
The Safety of Chinese Herbal Medicine and How it is Reported u2013 Serious Safety Concerns or Mere Chinese Whispers?

David Carr
Protocol for a randomized controlled trial on the effects of electroacupuncture on blood flow in pregnancy

Russ Chapman
Lifestyle and self-care advice within traditional acupuncture

Beverley de Valois
NADA Ear Acupuncture for Breast Cancer Treatmentu2013Related Hot Flashes and Night Sweats: An Observational Study

Mel Koppelman
What effect does acupuncture have on cortisol levels? A systematic review

David Mayor
Eyeblink response to different acupuncture modalities: preliminary results from four exploratory pilot studies

Christopher Low
Physiological impacts of intentionality on heartbeat regulation with non-contact daoyin healing

Vivien Shaw
Exploring the Imagery and Anatomy of u8c3fXu012b, Ravine points

Tian Jun Wang
Chinese Acupuncture Combined with Antidepressant Medication for Hospitalized Depression Patients: A Pragmatic Randomized Controlled Trial