Jumpimg through hoops: research in the real world    

Acupuncture in the treatment of depression. Clinical trials at the University of Arizona
Rosa Schnyer

Acupuncture for Irritable Bowel Syndrome: practical experiences of collaborative research within the NHS
Alastair Forbes, Sue Jackson and Clare Walter

Clinical trials: design and implementation
Stephen Birch

Perceptions of change: a patient-centred view of the effects of traditional acupuncture
Alison Gould

A group project: descriptive outcomes study of 284 patients
South-West Acupuncture Research Group

First steps in developing a national database of patient profiles and treatment outcomes
Oriental Medicine Research Trust

What did acupuncturists report on adverse effects - the results of a nation-wide survey
Hugh MacPherson

How is acupuncture used in the treatment of cancer in the U.K.?
Beth Ingham

The potential of acupuncture in the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea
Alison Gamon

Acupuncture research: the next step
Peter Davies

Expanding horizons: doing research that counts    

A vision of the future: research that meets the needs of acupuncturists and their patients
David St. George

The contribution of qualitative research to health care
Ruth Endacott

'Like your bubble feels good' concepts of wellbeing
Charlotte Paterson

Designing credible research to test traditional forms of acupuncture practice
Stephen Birch

Perceptions of change: apatient-centred view of the effects of traditional acupuncture
Alison Gould

A retrospective observational study of a practice in mANCHESTER, 1989-1996
Edwina Webb

Acupuncture and back pain: developing a protocol for a randomised controlled trial
Hugh MacPherson

Acupuncture research in the USA: an overview
Kevin Ergil

Inspiration to action: debating the opportunities    

Grandiosity, graft and grappling with reality: 5 years in acupunctrue research
Hugh MacPherson

Policy related health services research on complementary therapies: a decade of dialogue
Kate Thomas

Integrated medicine - The future of health care? Research issues and perspectives
Kim Jobst

Developing practice: the role of eclecticism and spiritual values
Angela Llewellyn

Acupuncture patients in a GP practice: measuring change
Pamela Machin

An account of audit: evaluating benefits to patients at an HIV/AIDS clinic
Andrew Flower

Do gadgets work? Assessing technology for acupunctgurists
David Mayor

Audit and outcomes in a college clinic: the story contginues
Jackie Shaw

Shaping the debate: developing our research agenda    

Pride, prejudice and pitfalls: the fantasy of research in General Practice
Arnold Desser

1) Using a US National Survey of Acupuncture Users to Explore Medical Public Policy Issues
2) Desconstructing the essential medical question: 'Does it work?' - A model to guide acupuncture research into the 21st century
3) What patients say: exploring patient-centred research
Claire M. Cassidy

Use of and access to complementary therapies in an urban multi-ethnic area
Nicola Robinson, Ana Grenfell and Nina Patel

Acupuncture in Mental Health - The Tower Hamlets Project
Paul Hougham

Audit and outcome in a college clinic: The stofy so far
Jackie Shaw

Assessing outcome measures in clinical practice: evaluating change in patients with low back pain
Alison Gould

Introducing the debate: possibilities an priorities
Mike Fitter

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