Collaboration: research groups and networks

The RCCM website carries a list of CAM-related research networks:

Of these, the most interesting and relevant for acupuncture research are:

Good Practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine (GP-TCM):
This arose out of collaboration between China and the European Community for a project looking at TCM in the genomic era. The original EC funding is finished but the organisation lives on to provide networking and collaboration. The focus is strongly on herbal medicine and pharmacology but acupuncture is one of the four interest groups.

CAM Research Network (CAMRN):
This is the Research Council for Complementary Medicine’s CAM research network. Members receive regular email news and can access information, advice and support from other members. All the main CAM researchers and centres in the UK are members, so this is a good way to contact them.

International Society for Complementary Medicine Research (ISCMR):
Potentially useful for international collaboration and stages large, high quality annual conferences around the world. Currently constructing  a membership database and interest groups, so that networking opportunities will be enhanced. For researchers rather than therapists.

Alternative and Complementary Health Research Network (ACHRN):
For academic researchers and CAM therapists. Has run regular research meetings and conferences in the past.

Research Networks for acupuncturists

The above networks are primarily for professional and academic researchers and they are not specifically for acupuncture. For those who are primarily practitioners, but interested in research, something different may be called for:

South-West Acupuncture Research Group (SWARG) [contact ARRC for further details]
The members are BAcC practitioners in the SW of England, and the group is coordinated by a professional researcher. They have worked on several projects over the years, presented results at conferences and published in various journals. Their current research is on self-care advice in acupuncture treatment [Paterson C, Evans M, Bertschinger, R Chapman R, Norton R, Robinson J (2012) Communication about self-care in traditional acupuncture consultations: the co-construction of individualised support and advice. Patient Education & Counselling. 89 : 467–475]. No particular research experience or qualification is required to join the group, just an interest: this goes for the other groups described below.

Confucius Institute Research Group (CIRC) [contact Ian Appleyard: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]
Located at the Confucius Institute at London South Bank University, this is open to any acupuncturists and includes established and novice researchers as well as visiting Chinese TCM teachers. This is a relatively new group and the emphasis so far has been on discussing members’ own ideas and projects rather than coordinated group work.

British Acupuncture Council Research Network
For BAcC members only. For further details and application form [LINK].
*** Currently under construction